Top 10 States To Find A Summertime Fling



If you are a guy looking to get a little stank on your hang down, “head” west, young man.

In a recent survey,, a free and anonymous background check site that searches public, criminal, arrest, civil, speeding tickets and more has just released the Top 10 Best States to Find a Summertime Fling for Guys and the state that tops the list is Arizona.

Here are the Top 10 States to Find a Summertime Fling for Guys:

1. Arizona
2. California
3. Illinois
4. Texas
5. Ohio
6. Massachusetts
7. Florida
8. Missouri
9. Pennsylvania
10. New York

If you are a man in Washington D.C, Atlanta or Wisconsin seems you are more likely to find that girl that you can take home to your parents and make them proud.

“California girls may be an inviting illusion, but many are certainly not long-term or marriage material,” said Erik Knight, founder of “It may be that girls there are just concerned a little too much with aesthetics and really aren’t looking for substance.”

Here’s a quick “Fling Checklist” for judging a hot babe even though you may be short on time:

– Past behavior can be an indicator of future behavior; if she made a mistake once she’s more likely to repeat it. Perfect fling material.

– Watch out for the girl who makes excuses and plays the victim of past mistakes. Use her emotional rawness to get “raw”.

– Does she listen to you or spend a lot of time talking about herself and trying to convince you how great she is? Clearly she’s insecure. #Perfect

– If she constantly gossips and puts people down, she’s probably a real tiger in the sack.

– Any idea if she’s serial cheater or has multiple divorces? She cheated on her boyfriend with his best friend, and cheated on that best friend with his brother…#ThatsHot

– Does she come from a good family? Move on, not fling material.