Product Review: Lab Series Daily Moisture Defense Eye Balm



“Eye” wouldn’t lie to you, guys; the Lab Series Moisture Defense Eye Balm works.

As dudes, we don’t think about things like crow’s feet or the premature aging of our skin. And that’s fine – when you’re in your 20’s.

But as we age, even though our sense of humor stays the same and we still love fart jokes, our skin does get older. And why wouldn’t it?

Every day it’s assailed by environmental conditions that are completely out of our control, as well as things we can control but can’t avoid, like sitting in front of a computer all day, or dealing with stressors like a wife or ex-wife.

Using an eye care product such as DMDE twice a day helps defend and protect skin from environmental assaults that promote a multitude of eye area concerns: dryness, fine dry lines, dark circles and puffiness by supporting skin’s natural defense system.

So when should you start using Lab Series Daily Moisture Defense Eye Balm? Yesterday, son!

The area around the eye can be the first area that shows the visible signs of aging.  Using Daily Moisture Defense Eye Balm will immediately and continuously moisturize, nourish and condition the delicate skin around the eye area.

From the first time I applied DMDE, I felt the skin around my eyes become more taut and feel moisturized. After using it for over a month on a daily basis, people have commented on how good my skin looks, dropping the classic, “Something looks different about you but I can’t tell what it is.” And the old, “You look younger.”

“Eye’m” serious; DMDE is something you should add to your daily skincare arsenal. Call it preventative maintenance, call it a great “eye-dea”, it’s an investment in the future of your skin.

For more information, check out the Lab Series website here.