Old Spice TV Commercial Dad Song Keeps It Weird


Dad Song features an emotional tug of war between a dad, a mom and a boy/man.

It’s been 10 months since Old Spice released the original “Mom Song” video, featuring several mothers lamenting the fact that their son had “Sprayed into a man” thanks to that damn Old Spice.

FACT: 53% of moms admit their son wasn’t properly taught how to apply body spray.

We truly are the products of our Spray Environments, and the kind of men we “spray into” is either because of or in-spite of the products we are exposed to by our moms, and more hopefully, other man’s moms.

“Swagger” is our favorite and could easily be renamed “New School Pimp” scent. It was fresh and young, yet esteemed and established. It was highly educated, but you can tell via a knowing glance that it always keeps its pimp hand frosty, with a subtle yet fully viewable “Make your move, sir” glean in its eye.

If you haven’t used Old Spice’s Re-fresh body spray, you should. Here’s a coupon to save you a dollar.