Dollar Shave Club Is Back And Loves You More Than Your Mom


Are you above “shaving” a few dollars a month on inferior shaving products? Dollar Shave Club knows that you are a cheap date.

More than that, though, Dollar Shave Club knows that the act of buying a razor at the store be emasculating. One blade, five blades, eleventeen blades, rotating heads, rotating balls – who gives a shit?

You just need to get that wicked face scratch off your beak, the same way you need to wash that stank off your hang down. Dollar Shave Club feels you, bro.

The first commercial was epic and featured “Mike,” the real owner:

Now, they are back with three more to further emphasis a key point – when you buy overpriced razors at the store, you pay with your dignity. For $1 a month, a measly $1, they will make your life better.

This one is my favorite because of the way the elderly old man is needlessly tasered at the end:

Check out the Dollar Shave Club YouTube channel here.