RIP Stuart Scott 1965 – 2015

RIP Stuart Scott
RIP Stuart Scott 1965 – 2015

This morning the entire sports world lost a true giant. The man who brought sports back to the people has passed away at the age of 49. RIP Stuart Scott.

For legions of fans Stuart Scott was the voice of modern sports. He brought his own lexicon to the world of sport, speaking to kids that wold have never embraced sports as they did without him. A true revolutionary, Stuart brought a culture and an attitude to broadcasting that released the thunder behind the stunning athletic achievements of people he could relate with and interpret like none before him.

His reach not only rattled at the foundation of sports broadcasting, it brought down the whole damn house.

The robust, multicultural vision that Scott shared with the world has changed forever the way we view sport. Nobody in the universe could call an Allen Iverson take to the rack like Scott.

As important as the highlight that graced the screen, Scott’s unwinding, urban narrative guided us through the journey, adding to its majesty,  thus creating a legacy that would dominate over two decades of professional sport. Often copied, never equaled.

There will NEVER be a another Stu Scott.

With heavy hearts and tears in our eyes, we say goodbye to Stu.

Everyone in the Sports Douchebag family has been positively affected by the brilliance of Stu and will forever remember his contributions to the world of sport as well as his valiant battle with cancer. As society was changing, sports was as well and nobody was more emblematic of that than Stuart Scott as he truly transcended sport. The entire sports world mourns today for the titanic loss it has endured yet will smile tomorrow at the sports landscape that Scott not thrived in but shaped like none since Cosell. Thank you for everything, our sweetest friend.


RIP Stewart Scott.

Stuart died the morning of January 4, 2015

Scott is survived by his two daughters, Taelor and Sydni.