Fast and the Furious: Every Important Car and the Hot Babes Who Drove Them


fast and furious

We’ve hit the inevitable annual lull in the American sporting calendar. The NBA and NHL seasons are done, the NFL preseason hasn’t started, and MLB will drone on for another three months before anyone cares.

So as a dude, what can you do to occupy your time? Stare at cars, and hot Asian babes, longingly.

How about staring at every important car from each individual movie that comprises the entire Fast and the Furious franchise? And, the only Asian woman you need to occupy your limited brain space, Devon Aoki.

National Numbers is loaded with cool images of hot babes, driver info, and even factoids you probably didn’t know. Did you know Frankie Muniz of Malcom in the Middle fame bought Jesse’s Volkswagen Jetta from the first film?

The series was established in 2001 and was followed by six sequels, two short films that tie into the series, and it has amazingly become Universal’s biggest franchise of all time.

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