Fantasy Football 12 Team Mock Draft

Looking For A Fantasy Football 12 Team Mock Draft? Open Wide, Sir, And Suck Down Some NFL Action.
Looking For A Fantasy Football 12 Team Mock Draft? We’ve Got Just The Thing To Make Your Fantasy Man Bone Hard As A Rock

What’s up fellow fantasy footballers? The Chief is back to update you, and further prepare you to dominate your fantasy football league, and shoot you to super Douchedom. In this article we will do a fantasy football 12 team mock draft, and I will talk about the best and worst picks in each round.

A lot goes into constructing a winning team. A great name is step one, and you will see in this mock draft that each team has a unique name, and logo. I suggest you think about your name long and hard – REALLLLL HARDDDD. This is your identity to the league, you want a name that is clever, relevant, and unique.

DON’T be that Douche who recycles names. “Turn down for Watt” which was funny the 1st time I heard it, not the 100th. Prior to your draft you should scout the top 200 lists as much as possible, do mock drafts, and look at every list you can.

Everyone has an opinion, and that’s all rankings lists are – opinions. You want to get as many opinions as you can and then, form your own opinion. I know this might be real tough for lots of you in this day and age. To win your league though you need to sift through all the bullshit, find the opinions that you agree with and make your own rankings list.

I don’t know the people in your league, neither do any of the talking heads getting paid 6 figures on the major sites. You do.

You know if Johnny is a die hard Seahawks fan and will reach for a player. You know that Greg got burned by Ryan Matthews (who hasn’t) and won’t touch him again. My point being. You are responsible for your team. Use the tools you have to assemble a team you can live with win or lose at season’s end.

To facilitate this mock draft I used the team identities from my own league. I drafted for the 11 other fantasy players. By doing this I can plan out what I think will happen and see realistic ranges for players to be available to me.

In my league, the prestigious NFFL, we draw the draft positions early so as to give plenty of prep time to everyone. The Cash Money Ho’s won the 1st pick (ironically after finishing 12th). I got pick 7, right in the middle.

In my earlier article ranking top 10 fantasy football players at each of the 3 main positions, I gave you just enough to wet your beak for the first two rounds.

Since that, we have already major losses due to injury. Arian Foster broke his groin, and will be out for 8-10 weeks and Jordy Nelson’s knee got JORDY’D. So, the 1st couple rounds got a little bit of a shock but nothing I didn’t really expect.

Click this image and follow along, get you a TASTE:

Looking For A Fantasy Football 12 Team Mock Draft? Open Wide, Sir, And Suck Down Some NFL Action.
Our Mock Draft Can Beat Up Your Mock Draft.


Round 1:

Worst Pick: LeSean McCoy.  I like all the players in rd 1, but LeSean McCoy would leave me the most worried for my team. He is a talent for sure, and all signs point to him being the lead dog for the BIlls. However I’m worried they have no QB, and Fred Jackson is still just chilling waiting to vulture.

Best Pick: Jamaal Charles at #4. Ok, Ok, I know, I know. Homer pick. Well Charles was held back some last year to let him heal from a preseason injury that he doesn’t have now. He is still a threat to break open any game, and can easily have 3 TD games and single handedly win you a game. I like all of the top 5 RBS so whomever gets pick 4 or 5 is getting the best value since they will draft sooner in rd 2.

Round 2:

Worst Pick: Aaron Rodgers is a stud QB, I hope my son can grow up and be just like him based on his “Stache” alone. Not to mention he is super reliable, consistent, and has a smokin hot girl. However there is tremendous value at QB. Id rather wait and take Romo in round 8.  

Best Pick: Dez Bryant, granted its pick 13, but if ODB fell to 13 he would be in this spot. Point being I think 12 is a great spot to be. 2 top 13 overall players? I’ll take it.

Round 3:

Worst Pick: Jonathan Stewart. So because another RB leaves I’m supposed to put my faith in J Stew not getting hurt like usual? Way too high of an ADP. Talent takes tier a drop right around the end of round 3.

Best pick.: Jimmy Graham. I don’t understand why moving to Seattle drops his ADP from the teens to the 30’s. He will still be the #1 option in the passing game. He is still a match-up nightmare. I think he is a great value in rd 3 as long as you got a RB & WR already.

Round 4:

Worst Pick: Sammy Watkins. Again my worry is with the Bills QB situation. As a Chiefs fan I just can’t get behind anyone catching passes from Matt Cassel.

Best Pick: Peyton Manning. I said earlier that you can wait on QB, but chances are Manning has 1 more great season. He can win games by himself. He will have a couple 40 pt games. I’ll take that in round 4.

Round 5:

Worst pick: Rashad Jennings. This team has drafted a balanced team so far with Manning and Graham (both best picks). However you can see the outcome of taking TE and QB early. Your RB2 and WR 2 will be weaker and needing a little luck. Jennings is rumored to be losing ground already to Vereen and Williams.

Best Pick: Golden Tate. Tate was the highest scoring WR for the Lions last year, but Johnson was still drafted 3 rounds earlier because of his name. Get #1 production in round 5 is a deal.

Round 6:

Worst pick: Mike Wallace. The player pool really starts to thin out in round 6. You need to get as much value and upside as possible from here on out. Wallace is new in MN, they have other younger WR’s that Bridgewater has already played with. Has Wallace done anything since PIT?

Best Pick: C.J. Spiller. I have a feeling Spiller will fill in alot of the lost production for the Saints O. I can see an 80 catch season, and 150 carries spelling Ingram.

Round 7:

Worst pick: Isaiah Crowell – Browns player, enough said.

Best pick: Shane Vereen. The Giants will have the flats and underneath routes wide open for Vereen out of the backfield. He should feast on the shorts stuff with ODB & Cruz stretching the field. He could easily beat out Jennings for snaps as well.

From here on out to be honest its a crap shoot. We start getting into handcuffs, and sleepers. Sounds like a great fantasy team name! Teams will start taking players to fill out their rosters, and backups they feel have the most upside. I do have a good idea on who I like and who I will be targeting in the later rounds. Leagues are won by drafting players late and cashing in on them.

So maybe if you all are good little douches I’ll release my top 10 sleepers prior to draft day crunch time. I’ll leave you now to go and mock out your own league. Like we discussed earlier, YOU know your league the best. Good luck, dickweed.


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