PODCAST: NBA HOFer Bob Lanier Told Us About His Size 22 Shoe, Shrinkage


Bob Lanier's Shoe Size Is Amazing

To put his shoe size in perspective, my “Milk The Clock” Podcast co-host Joe Kinsey from Busted Coverage wears a size 10 shoe, while I wear a size 12. Bob Lanier is literally 2x the man Joe and I are collectively.

This morning, we attended the Gatorade Play It Forward breakfast and ate all the shrimp deviled eggs we could handle. After that, ESPN/ABC host Sage Steele led a panel discussion that featured NBA Rookie of the Year Karl-Anthony Towns and U.S. Olympic beach volleyball player April Ross.

In the hallway after the event, we spoke to NBA legend Lanier about his most hated NBA rival, how it feels to watch guys like Mike Conley make $30m a year and reap the rewards of his hard work, how everything shrinks when you get older and which team of the two that retired his number (Bucks, Pistons) did he like the most.

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