Odell Beckham Jr: Can He Climb The NFL Top 100 Rankings Next Year?


Odell Beckham Jr. Catch

Well, it’s official. The NFL top 100 rankings for 2016 have finally been released. New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. was ranked as the 10th best player in the National Football League – and he wasn’t happy. The 23-year-old burst onto the scene in the second half of his rookie season and his 2015 season was nothing short of spectacular. Beckham snagged 96 receptions for an impressive 1,450 yards, scoring 13 touchdowns in the process.


Being brutally honest, Beckham did well to finish in the top 10 and here’s why: defense wins championships. While offensive players receive most of the plaudits, defensive stars are the difference makers. Traditionally, top-rated defenses have outperformed top-rated offenses and while the rankings were based purely on a player-by-player basis, Beckham still did incredibly well to finish in the top group of stars.

Perhaps the main reason for Beckham’s fury was the fact that he was placed as the THIRD best wide receiver in the NFL. That’s right; not first, not second, but third. Both Antonio Brown (4) and Julio Jones (8) were ranked above the Giants star. And while they might not attract the same amount of media attention as Beckham, both men were more deserving of their spot than the LSU product.

However, Beckham now has a point to prove and the Giants’ man will be desperate to lead his side to the playoffs next season. At the time of writing, the New York Giants are priced at 12/5 to win the NFC East in Bet365’s NFL betting markets and Beckham’s form will be integral to their chances of glory. If he can improve on his fantastic 2015 campaign, the Giants will be quietly confident of picking up enough wins to achieve this goal.

Worst of all for Beckham, the NFL top 100 rankings were voted on by the players – which means that his peers believe he is the third-best wide receiver in the National Football League. Beckham will be desperate to prove them wrong and he could put up record numbers, if Eli Manning is willing to let Beckham more or less take control of the offense. And with new head coach Ben McAdoo looking to spread the offense a little more, the Giants’ number one wideout could prosper.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Odell Beckham Jr is incredibly value to the New York Giants and Big Blue would struggle to cope if he suffered a season-ending injury. In fact, he is potentially more valuable to New York than Brown and Jones are to Pittsburgh and Atlanta respectively. However, that doesn’t matter. If Beckham is to topple his two main positional rivals, he must be even more spectacular, even more audacious and even better than he already is.

And if anyone can do it, it’s Odell Beckham Jr…