Top 12 Fantasy Football Players At Each Position For DBags Who’ve Been Busy





Top 12 Fantasy Football players at each Position. So you don’t sound like a Douche bag. 

Once again it is that glorious time of year when men strap up their helmets and compete like gladiators on the football field. While the toil in the heat, and sweat for hours in the weight room we get to sit, read articles, mock draft, and watch them in preparation for fantasy football season.

I know that a lot of you don’t have time to read it all so I’m here to make it easy on you. You still have plenty of time to get all the way in the spirit of the season. You can “cram” the night before the draft if you really have to. How do you not sound like an uninformed sucker until then though? This article is for you. The top 12 at each position so you don’t sound like a Douche Bag.

top 10

*This list is for standard scoring leagues. Some players would fall or rise if this were a PPR league.

The Quarterback position is deep as ever, look at the names not listed here. No need to reach for a QB when you can get someone like Matt Ryan, Tony Romo, Matt Stafford, or Andy Dalton late.

In past years Running Back has always been the position you win your league with so you grabbed them often and early. The game has changed and with more passing than ever, and more RB timeshare backfields, those RB1 studs are gone. WR has the most consistent big time scorers now. This does mean great value at RB in later rounds for the 1st time ever. Names not in the top 12 I like,  Matt Forte, Jonathan Stewart, Jeremy HIll, Latavius Murray.

Wide receiver is the sexy new toy everyone needs to have. Used to be you can draft RB early and let them do the work and the WRs just filled in here and there. Now NFL teams throw the ball 3 times on the 5 yd line. It used to be a 80% run play inside 10 yards, Now it’s almost flipped. Any old WR won’t cut it. You need the go to, red zone target, WR1. The supply isn’t endless for those guys though. Get them when you can without overpaying, just don’t pass on Gurley for Green, or A.P. for Allen Robinson!

Look out for a top 300 cheat sheet soon.