Mock Drafts……..What’s the point?


To win in fantasy sports, Preparation is key. Sure you can avoid all information, show up at the draft and throw some names up. Maybe you get lucky. You want to minimize risk, and maximize the value of each pick as much as possible.

The best way to prepare is to Mock Draft. You can go to any of the main fantasy sites and participate in a mock draft. Those drafts will help, but there is always some douchebag troll who picks a player way too early to screw with everyone.

I do those mocks, but what I really put my stock in is my own mock drafts. We all know our league mates better than some stranger.

Make a blank spreadsheet, enter in the team names in your league, and go down a top 300 list and assign players the best you can to each team based on what you know about them. This helps you to see realistic windows of where you can expect players to go off the board. You can then plan your strategy accordingly.

2016 Mock 1

The mock draft above is from a 14 year old league. All the owners are knowledgeable, and every team is competitive. It’s hard to find sleepers in our league because everyone puts in the work. This is why mocking is the most important prep work IMO.

Simply doing a mock for your league gives you a realistic range of options for your own selections. With a quick glance I can see for myself if I possibly need to reach for a certain player I like, or if I might have another round to stockpile talent at another position. Once you’re done you can see what your decisions in each round leads to.

If You pick a QB in RD 3 what RB, or WR do you miss out on. Could you settle for another QB later and get similar production? If you pick WR/WR/WR to start off the draft what do you have left for RBs?

In closing, if you want to give yourself the best chance to win, practice.