NCAA Conference Expansion again?


    Currently all over the news is the potential for the big 12 to expand and add 2 teams to actually have 12 members again. There is plenty of talk of the other conferences expanding, contracting, moving teams etc… I for one am sick of it and wish they could get a nice, even, fair system to crown an NCAA champion. Here is the idea SDB came up with.



    WSC – NorthCSC – NorthSSC – WestNSC – West
    2Oregon StateIowaLSUMichigan State
    3WashingtonIowa StateArkansasNotre Dame
    4Washington StateKansasAuburnCincinnati
    5Boise StateKansas StateTennesseeWisconsin
    6UtahMissouriOle MissNorthwestern
    8Utah StateMinnesotaKentuckyIndiana
    10UNLVColorado StateVanderbiltNorthern Illinois
    WSC – SouthCSC – SouthSSC – EastNSC – East
    1StanfordTexasFloridaOhio State
    2USCTexas A&MFlorida StatePenn State
    3CalTexas TechMiamiBoston College
    4UCLATCUSouth CarolinaSyracuse
    5ArizonaBaylorNC StateRutgers
    6Arizona StateHoustonNorth CarolinaPittsburgh
    8Fresno StateOklahomaGeorgia TechVirginia Tech
    9San Diego StateOklahoma StateWake ForrestConnecticut
    10San Jose StateNew Mexico STDukeMaryland

    Western States Conf., Central States Conf., Southern States Conf., Northern States Conf.

    This just seems too easy to me. I’m sick of the conf. bickering, and shuffling. This fixes college football, and makes it watchable for guys like me who desire a game similar to pros, & a fair, workable playoff format. The current conferences are what ruin college football. The elitism displayed by the current conferences holds them back. If the NCAA could make this happen, it would be for the best. It could preserve the traditions, and make way for a clear champion.

    4, 20 team super Conferences. Each conference divided in 2 divisions. Each season a team plays 9 games vs. their division members, and a rotating schedule against 5 of the other division making a 14 game regular season. No more cupcakes, or out of division games. Each Conference would have a conference Championship game to crown a winner. The 8 conference champions would then be in a playoff for a national champion. 64 teams would play a 14 game season, 8 teams would play 15 games, 4 teams would play 16 games, and 2 teams would play 17 games. 17 games are allot for a college kid, but still less than a pro team, and the best college team should be able to handle 17 games to win it all. Bowls can be preserved for all 76 teams not included in playoffs. I know there are many faults, and this will never happen. It’s fun to imagine though. 


    1. So you found room for San Jose State but not Clemson in your 80 team field? Put the crack pipe down before writing next time.

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