Brett Favre Madden Ultimate Team – He’s BACK (Again)


Brett Favre Madden Ultimate Team

Brett Favre Madden Ultimate Team – Your Prayers Have Been Answered Cheesehead

This holiday, Madden NFL 17 is bringing the ‘Gunslinger’ out of retirement again, to show that the legend still has what it takes to play at the highest-level, well at least virtually.

Madden Ultimate Team players have the chance to unlock the Hall of Fame QB for a limited time during EA’s “Ultimate Freeze” Promotion running from Dec 24-Jan 3. Multiple versions of the QB are now in Madden NFL 17‘s Ultimate Team mode as part of the game’s Ultimate Freeze event. Additionally, Chemistry level 4 is switched on when Favre is teamed up with some of his former teammates such as Sterling Sharp and Antonio Freeman.

Via Brett Favre Madden Ultimate Team, fans can play 20 solo challenges that emulate defining moments in his career and win a free Favre giveaway. Fans will have the chance to see how their team would fare with Favre back at the helm; picking apart opposing defenses to clinch a playoff berth.

Brett Favre Madden Ultimate Team

There are two 96-rated versions of Favre that you can use to unlock what’s called the “Gunslinger Ability Chemistry.” One is available only for a limited time (follow this Twitter account to find out how to earn this) and the other is a Master Set Reward.

Watch the video above and read this EA Sports blog post to learn more about Favre in Ultimate Team.