Don’t Eat This! BMX Legends Suck Down Balut In VR


Mike Escamilla - Don't Eat This!

BMX Legends Mike Escamilla and Zack “Catfish” Yankush have teamed up to take on the worst of the world’s exotic cuisines in “Don’t Eat This,” the first VR video episodic show. This week Mike & Catfish attempt to keep down the Asian delicacy, Balut, which consists of a dead bird fetus in an egg, with all the natural juices.

Escamilla and Catfish take on the daring task of scuttling around to Los Angeles eateries daring to taste test exotic cuisines from foreign lands. And thanks to the VR video, you can almost smell the fresh chunks as they are SPEWED.

No, we’re not talking about Heart Attack Grill and their potentially deadly slab of beef and forty strips of bacon burgers. But epicurean oddities like Birds Nest Soup, Sea Cucumber, Balut and Jellyfish. Add in a bit of jock-humor and the anticipation of Zack spewing chunks, “Don’t Eat This” appeals to those with an iron stomach and toilet humor, and “locker-room humor”.

Securing their position of being the first VR production company to create “serialized” episodic content, MANDT VR is a Los Angeles based production studio that specializes in the creation of high-quality, serialized VR content.

Emmy Award winning producer, Neil Mandt has made it his mission to transports viewers to three-dimensional digital worlds beyond the boundaries of traditional media as MANDT VR’s content converts people from passive viewers into active participants, through a unique balance of technological innovation, artistry and imagination.