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Sports Betting Websites For The NFL Divisional Round? These Hot Cheerleaders Dont Have Anything To Do With It.

As the NFL Playoffs move to round two, much of the attention from the odds-makers at has turned to Nick Foles and Blake Bortles.  The odds-makers are offering a host of props for the two quarterbacks who are under the microscope including; the odds that Antonio Brown records more receptions that Bortles completions (8/7) or the combined number of Nick Foles sacks, interceptions and intentional grounding penalties (3.5).

The odds-makers at sports betting website, have also updated the Super Bowl odds with the Patriots (2/1) and Vikings (9/2) positioned as clear favorites while the Jaguars (18/1) and Titans (49/1) are not surprisingly the longshots.  They also have a host of broadcast props such as an over/under at 3.5 for the number of pre-snap plays predicted by CBS’ Tony Romo.  You can even pick which of the 9 players with the surname Smith or Coleman scores a TD  — Derrick Coleman (99/1) and Tye Smith (150/1) are the longshots while JuJu Smith-Shuster (5/4) and Tevin Coleman (5/3) are the favorites.

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Odds to win Super Bowl 52
Patriots: 2/1
Vikings: 9/2
Steelers: 6/1
Saints: 7/1
Falcons: 11/1
Eagles: 16/1
Titans: 49/1

Divisional Round Odds & Props

Over/Under largest blown lead: 13.5

Over/Under Nick Foles sacks + interceptions + intentional grounding penalties: 3.5

Odds Mohamed Sanu + Dontari Poe throw more TD passes than Nick Foles: 49/1

Odds Antonio Brown has more receptions than Bortles has completions: 8/7

Odds Blake Bortles throws more interceptions than Ben Roethlisberger throws TD passes: 9/5

Odds Blake Bortles has more rushing yards than passing yards: 25/1

Odds the backup QBs attempt at least one pass
Teddy Bridgewater, Vikings: 29/1
Nate Sudfeld, Eagles: 50/1
Matt Cassel, Tennessee: 75/1
Landry Jones, Steelers: 75/1
Chad Henne, Jaguars: 80/1
Brian Hoyer, Pats: 100/1
Chase Daniel, Saints: 150/1
Matt Schaub, Falcons: 150/1

What’s in a Name?

Odds the various Colemans score a TD
Tevin Coleman, RB, Falcons: 5/3
Brandon Coleman, WR, Saints: 6/1
Derrick Coleman, FB, Falcons: 99/1
None of the above: 9/8

Odds the various Smiths score a TD
JuJu Smith-Schuster, WR, Steelers: 5/4
Torrey Smith, WR, Eagles: 11/1
Jonnu Smith, TE, Titans: 15/1
Harrison Smith, S, Vikings: 40/1
Telvin Smith, S, Jaguars: 50/1
Tye Smith, CB, Titans: 150/1
None of the above: 8/3

Odds none of the Steelers’ “Killer Bs” score a TD: 5/1
Over/Under total number of TDs scored by the Steelers’ “Killer Bs”: 1.5
(Both props DO NOT include TD passes, only rushing, receiving, return TDs.)

Odds both Bill Belichick (Patriots) and Nick Saban (Alabama) return to their teams in 2018: 1/19

Broadcast Props

Odds an announcer says the following words during the Divisional Playoff game broadcast
Garoppolo: 1/9
Music City Miracle: 1/4
Tua Tagovailoa: 1/2
Nick Saban: 1/2
28-3 (referring the SB 51 score): 2/3
Trump: 1/1
Peyton Manning: 3/2
Oprah: 3/1
Remember the Titans: 4/1
Bill Parcells: 5/1
“BountyGate” or “SpyGate” or “DeflateGate”: 5/1

Over/Under number of times Tony Romo correctly predicts a play pre-snap in the Titans/Patriots game: 3.5

Odds Jim Nantz does not begin the broadcast with “Hello Friends”: 5/1

Over/Under number of Olympic promos during NBC’s Falcons/Eagles broadcast: 2.5

Over/Under minutes until the announcers’ mention Patriots’ unrest in Titans/Patriots broadcast: 1:30

Over/Under minutes until NBC shows a sign at Lincoln Financial Field reading “28-3” in Falcons/Eagles broadcast: 3:30